The Sydney "Soft" Adventure Travel Expo
Incorporating Luxury Travel for the Over 50's

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The Concourse
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Sunday 31st August &
Monday 1st September 2014

409 Victoria Ave, Chatswood

10am to 4pm both days


Love a bit of adventure, but without the hassle ?

Are you dreaming about a holiday… relaxing on the sun-drenched deck of a magnificent ocean liner or taking in the natural beauty of the mountains as you wind through the countryside by rail?  Your next adventure is waiting for you at ‘The Sydney Soft Adventure Travel Expo’.

If you're the type of person who likes riding down a hill on a bike to find a bus waiting to take you back to the top or sitting on a beach in a deckchair with a fancy drink rather than laying on a beach towel, then this expo is for you. Adventure, whilst being spoilt and pampered, the best kind of adventure.

There are so many different travel experiences to choose from these days. Deciding what type of holiday you are looking for and where you want to explore is a good start!  Our exhibitors will help you plan your next holiday, whether it’s an outback wildlife tour or a cruise down a European river. We take the worry out of travel so that you can have the time of your life.

The ‘Sydney Soft Adventure Travel Expo incorporating Luxury Travel for the Over 50's’ is proudly sponsored by The Senior newspaper.  It will be held on Sunday 31st August and Monday 1st September, 2014 at the fabulous Concourse, 409 Victoria Avenue Chatswood. 
Doors open at 10am till 4pm on both days and admission is free. 

For further information on the Sydney Soft Adventure Travel Expo including exhibitor enquiries:

Phone: (0416) 013 415